Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Programme





UXO Lao employs over 1,000 project staff in both the National and Provincial offices. More than 86% of the personnel are in operations. Fourteen percent of personnel are female, of which 66% are in operations as deminers, medics, and CA personnel.

UXO Lao has 21 Senior Explosive Ordnance Disposal (SEOD) technicians who are gradually replacing international EOD advisors in the field.

As of mid-2010, UXO Lao works with nine international advisors (three at the national office and six in the provinces.

Nationwide, UXO Lao deploys ten community awareness, 23 survey, 23 roving, and 23 clearance teams.



UXO Lao utilises a wide range of equipment, including different types of metal detectors, each with different abilities. As a result of a study it conducted in 2004, UXO Lao is acquiring the German made Vallon VMXC1 detector. This detector has the ability to discriminate metal sizes. Conventional detectors detect very tiny pieces of metal and slow down clearance work. The Vallon VMXC1 detects pieces of metal that are at least half a bombie (BLU-26) with fuse in size and ignores smaller pieces. As this detector allows faster clearance work, UXO Lao can therefore clear more land of UXO, even exceeding the Lao Government’s annual UXO clearance targets. UXO Lao needs 400 units to replace its existing detector inventory but at more than US$3,800 per unit, UXO Lao is limited by available funding.

The organisation also maintains a fleet of around 154 vehicles of varying types (including Russian made jeeps,) most received during the early years of the program. This translates to increased maintenance and operating costs. UXO Lao aims to standardise its fleet to Toyota Troop Carriers, as this vehicle type is rugged, easy to maintain, and functions as both personnel and equipment carriers. Vehicle replacement, as with detectors, is subject to funding availability.



UXO Lao is funded primarily throughcost-sharing agreements with UNDP. The Lao Government and UNDP in early 2010 approved a multi-donor trust fund where donors could channel their support.

Current donors to UXO Lao include:

European Commission
International Committee of the Red Cross and the Lao National Red Cross
Intrepid Foundation
Ito Supporting Comity
Japan through Japan Mine Action Service
Norway through Norwegian People’s Aid
United States of America through ArmorGroup North America
United States of America through Mines Advisory Group
World Without Mines Foundation

Earmarked funds– for better fund use impact as well as donor visibility, funds are usually earmarked to support operations in specific provinces or for specific projects.

Un-earmarked funds – allows UXO Lao the flexibility to utilize funds as needed such as acquisition of new equipment or to cover shortfalls in funding in provinces.

Private donations:

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