National Training Centre
UXO LAO runs a National Training Centre at Ban YLai, Vientiane Prefecture. The following training courses are run each year:

  • Basic Demining
  • Demining Team Leader
  • Community Awareness
  • Awareness Team Leader
  • Medic
  • Medic Refresher
  • Survey
  • Methods of Instruction

About 250 people graduate from the Training Centre each year. As most of the trainees live and work in other provinces, there are accommodation facilities for up to 58 people and food is provided for the duration of the course.

The US Government has assisted training development over the last 3 years; this will continue as they are funding the development and running of an Advanced EOD course for team leaders and selected staff during 2000 and beyond.

On-the-job training & capacity building

Substantial on-the-job training occurs in all of the provinces. One of the main roles of the NGO technical advisors is to focus their efforts on improving the task management and EOD technical skills of team leaders. The advisors also assist in developing the administration, planning and management skills of the district and provincial staff.

Capacity building and skills training also occurs in the national office with technical advisors working in the logistics, operations, programme, information and finance sections.

Another substantial focus on capacity building was implemented recently. A United Nations Volunteer was placed in 5 provinces to assist the Provincial Coordinator in a range of management functions.

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