Support to Development Agencies


Development agencies receive support and priority if they submit requests for clearance to the provincial authorities before the annual work planning takes place.  This takes place around July of every year.


The activities of UXO Lao contribute not only to saving lives but also to increasing the social-economic opportunities for some of the poorest districts. Regression analysis in the Lao PDR Poverty Assessment Report in 2003 confirms that both the initial level of UXO contamination as well as the progress in UXO clearance accounts for changes in poverty from 1997/8 to 2002/3. Extending the district-level regressions, per capita consumption tended to increase slower in areas with high UXO contamination, and faster in areas with UXO clearance programs.


UXO Lao enables UXO impacted villagers improved and equitable access to land, markets and social and economic services, environmentally sustainable utilization of natural resources. UXO clearance ultimately leads to enhancing the livelihoods of poor, vulnerable, and food insecure populations through sustainable development within the Millennium Development Goals Framework by 2011.