Our Partners

UXO Lao and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)


United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) provides program oversight and program assurance, both substantive and financial, through its own UXO Unit as well as through the provision of the Senior Technical Advisor, the Programme Technical Advisor, and a field based EOD Technical Advisor. It raises funds for UXO Lao and manages such funds through cost-sharing agreements. Funds channelled through UNDP follow UNDP’s rules and regulations. In addition, UNDP assists UXO Lao in the following key management functions:


1. Quarterly financial monitoring of the project, both in terms of progress of activities and expenditures and of conformity of activities with stated mandate and work plans;

2. Contracting for yearly external financial and management audits of UXO Lao, with full reporting to donors and other stakeholders, thereby confirming full accountability and transparency of UXO Lao accounts and practices;

3. Provision of a coordination mechanism for donors, and between donors and the Government of Lao PDR, in order to ensure that support to  the UXO programme is channelled as and where it is put to best use for the ends of the programme; and

4. Procurement needs of UXO Lao.

UXO Lao and the National Regulatory Authority for UXO/Mine Action Sector in Lao PDR (NRA)


The Lao Government established the National Regulatory Authority for UXO/Mine Action Sector in Lao PDR (NRA) in 2004 along with the adoption of the National Strategic Plan for the UXO sector. The NRA is responsible for the coordination and regulation of the UXO/mine action sector in the country, including the planning, tasking and monitoring of all UXO/mine action activities in the country. UXO Lao actively takes part in different Technical Working Groups (TWGs) organized by the NRA aimed at coordinating and planning all clearance, community awareness, and victim assistance activities, as well as sharing best practices and experiences.


UXO Lao and Implementing Partners


Implementing partners channel funds from donors to UXO Lao. They also provide technical advisory support to the programme. 4. Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA)