NGO implementing partners

  • Mines Advisory Group
  • Gerbera Demining
  • Handicap International
  • Norwegian People’s Aid
  • Belgium Military Advisors
  • World Vision Australia
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • United Nations Children’s Fund
  • Implementing partner
    Xieng Khouang & Saravane provinces

    The Mines Advisory Group (MAG) is major international demining NGO and based in Britain. MAG began clearance in Xieng Khouang during 1994 as part of a UXO education project being implemented by the Mennonite Central Committee. Work was initially focused in three districts and by 1997 had expanded into another three. MAG is supporting UXO LAO in Xieng Khouang and Saravane to build the capacity of the national staff to effectively implement and manage the provincial operations. MAG began in Saravane in 1997, and now works in 5 districts.
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    Implementing partner
    Houaphan & Luang Phrabang provinces

    GERBERA GmbH is a commercial company based in Germany. The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany, through a bilateral agreement with the Government of Lao PDR, contracted Gerbera in late 1996 to support UXO LAO by providing clearance and awareness in Houaphan province. Since April 1998, Gerbera has also been developing the national clearance capacity in Luang Prabang province.
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    Implementing partner
    Savannakhet province

    Handicap International (HI) is a major international demining NGO based in Belgium . It has provided support to UXO LAO since 1996; HI conducted the National Survey on the Socio-Economic impact of UXO. Funded by the European Union, HI currently provides technical advisors in Savannkhet and, since 2004, Khammouane province as well Their national programme also includes rehabilitation and disabled-people’s projects.
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    Implementing partner
    Sekong and Attapeu provinces

    Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) is a major international demining NGO and has been operational in Sekong since late 1997, and in Attapeu since 1998. With funding from the US Government, NPA provides on-the-job training and support to UXO LAO staff. NPA’s aim is to further develop the capacity of the provincial Lao staff so that they can manage and implement all facets of the Programme. NPA also provides a technical advisor who works with UXO Lao’s finance department in the national head quarters in Vientiane .

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    Implementing partner
    Champassak province

    The Government of Belgium provides military advisors as an in-kind contribution. Supporting the UXO Programme in Champassak province, the EOD specialists are technical advisors and have been training teams and supporting provincial co-ordination. The focus of work is clearing schoolyards and land for more agricultural activities in the province.
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    Implementing partner
    UNDP provides programmes management and Trust Fund support to UXO LAO. UNDP and UNICEF were instrumental in assisting the Government of Lao PDR establish the national programme and to bring the UXO problem to international attention.
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    Implementing partner
    UNICEF is a key supporter of UXO LAO. Worldwide UNICEF is the UN focal point for mine awareness and education, and as such provides funding and programme management support to the UXO LAO community awareness programme.
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