UXO Lao received equipment supported by ISC for its operation in 9 provinces

In this morning at the UXO Lao Headquarters, ITO Supporting Comity (ISC) handed-over equipment supporting the Lao National Unexploded Ordnance Programme (UXO Lao). The ceremony was chaired by the UXO Lao Director Mr. Thiphasone Soukhathammavong and the ISC President Ms. Shinrei ITO with attendance of UXO Lao management staff and ISC delegations.

This is the second time for ISC to provide support to UXO Lao after the year of 2009 when ISC supported UXO Lao for the first time. The support of this year is to procure equipment for survey-clearance and risk education activities in nine provinces of the UXO Lao operation. The equipment includes GPSs, exploders medical bags with first aid kit and others.

Ms. ITO expressed her profound thanks for being warmly welcomed by the UXO Lao team. She also said “this is my third time visiting Lao PDR. Every time I look down from airplane’s window, I saw a lot of bomb’s craters when the plain flies above Xiengkhouang territory, which makes me feel sorrow and imagine how many people were killed during the Indochina war. Those remnants of war are still remaining and affecting the people’s lives in the country. It is my pleasure to provide the support to UXO Lao even though the support is just a small amount. I hope that this small contribution would be useful for the organization’s staff who is working in the dangerous areas”.

Mr. Thiphasone expressed his gratitude and thanked to ISC for the kind support to UXO Lao. He also expressed his hope that ISC would continue its support to UXO Lao for addressing the problem of UXOs in Lao PDR in the future.